USFS Summer Home Tract Since 1957-An Association Since 1961

LOT   39 Papenfus (Hart) Original Leaseholder


Hart's cabin foundation slab just after the pour 1960-61


Mark Hart, Airport Camp/Flats Swimming Hole, Gerle Creek, down and behind the old Airport Barracks location.  Diving board was a basic affair put together by old Airport Camp users from the Forrest Service or even earlier, from the US Army and CCC. The carpet was installed on the diving board by Gordon Brattland Lot 24 so the children would not get splinters.

The Hart Cabin prior to the construction of the stone fireplace.

Daryl Hart at work on his cabin.

The Hart grandchildren playing in Gerle Creek in the Ford through Gerle Creek near the Airport Barracks Building on Airport Camp/Flats. this Ford was the only way across Gerle Creek from the early 1950s when the wood bridge washed out till the new single lane concrete bridge was completed in 1963.

The first deck on the Hart Cabin

Geneva Nelson cleaning up the attic.

Sandra Papenfus and Geneva Nelson painting in the attic in 1990

Sandy and Gerry, 1990

The Hart grandchildren roasting marshmellows in the old fire pit behind the cabin.


Daryl Hart and his grandchildren

Floyd Molta on the Backside of Loon Lake in the 1970s

Anthony Molta and Lyn Barton building new Water Heater shed

Successful deer hunt 1967 or 1968....Floyd and Natalie Molta

Floyd and Natalie Molta, Memorial Day snow early 1970s

Daryl Hart's early 60's Chevy pickup crawing out of the Ford at the Jacobson Meadow's crossing of Gerle Creek. The railroad flatcar bridge was washed out in the early 1980s.

Bob Perieria at the remnants of the railroad flatcar bridge installed originally by El Dorado County at Jacobson's Meadow crossing of Gerle Creek. The bridge was washed out in the early 1980s requiring vehicles to ford the creek once again.  This bridge has since been hauled up to Gerle Meadow and is installed on Bruce Wadsworth's property for use in crossing Gerle Creek.

Below the spillway at Loon Lake Dam during one of the drought years with the water level very low...early 1990s

Loon Lake Dam in one of the drought years with the water level down to the point of exposing the entrance device for water down Gerle Creek....early 1990s

The Hart grandchilden...Judy Bargas, Anthony and Natalie Molta, perched in the upper area of the old barn at Francis Cow Camp.

Geneva Nelson, Darrelyn Barton and Sandy Papenfus, painting day at Lot 39

Wentworth Springs, John Bargas and Floyd Molta, early 1970s

Floyd and Natalie Molta Memorial Day snowfall early 1970s

Floyd Molta coming down Sluice Box on the Rubicon Trail from Wentworth Springs to Lake Tahoe via Rubicon Springs, 1970s

New Deck added in 1996

Ode McDaniel, Daryl Hart and Cookie....A successful early Gerle Creek deer hunt..Forked Horn....Early 60's

Daryl Hart sitting in back of his cabin at Gerle Creek